Sania Khan Link Tragic TikToker’s videos contained a number of warning signs before her ex-husband fatally murdered her.

Video Sania Khan Link Tragic Tiktoker berisi sejumlah tanda peringatan di hadapan mantan suaminya dengan fatal – A TikToker who published videos about her separation with an end goal to battle the stigma attached to it was shot and killed by her ex. Sania Khan, 29, and Raheel Ahmed, 36, were allegedly tracked down dead on Monday, July 18, with gunshot wounds to their heads, in what the police named as an obvious homicide suicide.

Prior to killing Khan in the head and afterward directing the firearm back toward himself, Ahmed is accounted for to have traveled from his home in Georgia to the Chicago apartment where she resided. While Ahmed was affirmed dead at the hospital, crisis personnel articulated Khan dead at the scene.

Friends of the couple told the Chicago Sun-Times that despite Ahmed’s resistance to ending the marriage, the separation was at long last formalized in May of this year. Khan, who used the TikTok handle @geminigirl 099, composed various posts with respect to the bias she experienced from her friends and family as a result of her separation from Ahmed. You accept that you can hurt me? “In one post, she composed. My relatives cautioned me that if I left my spouse, I would give Shaytan the triumph, that I dress like a prostitute, and that if I got back to my old neighborhood, they would commit themselves.

In another, she deplored, “As a South Asian Woman, going through a separation frequently feels like you failed at life. “Isolating factors incorporate how the community labels you, the absence of daily reassurance you experience, and the impulse to stick with someone because of “what will individuals say.” Women find it more difficult to quit marriages that they shouldn’t have entered in the first spot as a result.

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On her website, Khan, a photographer who moved to Chicago in June 2021, professed to be a specialist in wedding and couple photography. Consistently over the ground is a decent day, as per my favorite citation, she composed. I used to be an airline steward because I wanted to travel so a lot “She went on. Who might have guessed that two years after the fact, I could move there? Chicago was always my favorite delay city. She professed to be from the “mountain town of Chattanooga in Tennessee.” “and that “climbing and setting up camp are about the main things I appreciate more than anything more.”

A friend of Khan’s who spoke to the Sun-Times guaranteed that she twofold studied psychology and ladies’ studies while attending Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences. She later functioned as an airline steward and social laborer prior to choosing to pursue a lifelong in photography. As indicated by the friend, who just went by Grant, “She could make a friend out of anybody and would always show up for them during their moments.” Since Sania brought so much brightness into your life, it would be difficult to track down someone who might criticize her.

Another friend of Khan’s revealed to Time Magazine that she and Khan had just signed a lease for a residence in Chattanooga. Gabriella Bordó asserted that when she took in the sad news, she had just shown up in Chicago to assist her friend with pressing and starting their turn. I had Saania in store for me. She kept, referencing that she had observed different “warnings” about Khan’s claims that she had separated from Ahmed. “I had basically the following couple of years, realizing that I won’t be separated from everyone else and I planned to have my partner in wrongdoing close to me,” she asserted. Khan’s family and her ex-family husband’s “urged [Khan] to stay, asked [Khan] to stay,” Bordó asserted. I never anticipated that someone with her energetic personality should be so easily affected or subdued, but she was. He watched out for her clothing. He was cautious about her social circle and her superficial presentation.

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She was getting out. They had not shared a permanent spot for quite a while. She shared a house with me here. To bring her home, I was there. There was no making up,” she said. This man wasn’t attempting to save a marriage when he went there. He had a purpose for going there with a pistol. He expected my appearance. Both of our social media accounts are available to general society. He seized the opportunity because it was his last “Bordó attached.

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