Latest Videos of Nikolas Cruz Parkland School Shooter Had a Friend Viral Video Twitter

Latest Videos of Nikolas Cruz Parkland School Shooter Had a Friend Viral Video – Full videos of school shooter Nicholas Cruz Parkland had a friend’s viral Twitter video. Twitter inquiries from Nicholas Cruz regarding the November 3 attack There was no response on Friday, 13/13/2018, when the Broward Sheriff’s Office was notified.

A video of the attack released by the South Florida Sun Sentinel on Friday revealed some of the data that was mostly kept in prison… Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz tackles Broward Sheriff’s Sgt. Raymond Beltran from the Broward County Jail. The brutal confrontation between Parkland school gunman Nikolas Cruz and the law enforcement specialist who dealt with him

Broward Key Jail essentially lasted less than a second of an impossible time for someone kept in a brutal fight with an accused murderer. But from the moment Cruz was transferred to Sgt. Barr Beltran nobody came to see Beltran’s assistant until Cruz seemed to have given up on the argument. That’s not good why.

Nikolas Cruz Video twitter Parkland school shooter had a friend

Nikolas Cruz, who opened fire at a Parkland school before killing 17 people, told a 13-year-old girl in The Washington Express that he felt reckless and worried about being bullied.

She was bullied so much she hated school,” the girl told a Broward Sheriff’s Office crime specialist who examined her in February. 14 butchers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Optional School. He said he was beaten and shoved for some time. … He said it made him feel out of place, frustrated, and despise school for it.

Nikolas Cruz Video Viral

The young woman, a freshman at the alternative school, said she spoke with Cruz via texts and calls, and they met at the end of the year by continuing on an Instagram page for them, Young People Who Hurt Themselves. were or were contemplating an explosion.

When she was 14, she told her she was dressed two years older than she actually was, the girl’s mother said in a phone interview Friday, and Cruz told her she was two years older. of her real age of her. . She never knew his last name and said they were never close. Miami Courier does not reveal her name because she is a minor. See all the information under the video.

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